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PATIENT UPDATE: New Patient Communication Protocol

To All CareOne Patients,
Over the past 20 years, CareOne has been providing our Allergy and Primary Immune Deficient patients the best possible care and service. Our practice has grown and doubled over the past 10 years and in order to improve on our services we have hired a consulting firm to analyze our communication methods and come up with a solution to improve our communication with our patients. Based on their research, they have suggested that we utilize secure, HIPAA-compliant, email communications via the internet and soon to be launched Patient Portal. These two new protocols will allow CareOne to better service our patient’s needs. Based on this research, we have implemented a New Patient Communication protocol that will enable all patients to receive answers to their important questions within a 24-hour period in writing with respect to appointments, medication refills, insurance and billing.

When you call the CareOne Main office line (239-596-5560) you will have a menu to choose from, please see the below recorded messages:

You have reached CareOne HealthCare Allergy and Immunology Clinic, please choose from the following menu:

Goes directly to Janet Walton / Glennda Roberts in the front office, if they can’t answer, it goes into voicemail and Janet or Glennda will return the call that same day.

Gives the patient a message to email all requests to our Allergy Hot Line at and Missy Cain will respond in writing within 24 hrs.

Gives the patient a message to email for all requests to our Immunology Hot Line: and Missy Cain will answer in writing within 24 hrs.

• BILLING (Press 4)
Goes directly to voicemail. Please leave your message and we will respond within 24 hrs.

CareOne will continue to find solutions to improve on our services for our patients. We value our patients and appreciate your business.

Thank you,

CareOne Management