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A young girl with children allergies in Naples, FL receives an allergy exam at CareOne Allergy

Looking for a Children’s Allergist in Naples, Florida? Here’s what you need to know.

We understand that you want what’s best for your children, and when your child is feeling ill you have 2 immediate concerns:

1. What is wrong?
2. How do I fix it?

When allergies are affecting your child a pediatrician may be able to narrow your child’s symptoms down to those similar to an allergic reaction, they may even provide testing to determine what your child is allergic to, but a children’s allergist has the unique skill-set to test and develop a treatment plan for your child’s allergies.

What to look for in the best child allergist in Naples, Florida

Training & Experience

An experienced allergist with the training to properly diagnose and treat your child’s allergic condition will have a background of education that has provided the evaluation skills and research awareness to guide them through the treatment process. Ask your allergist about their education and experience treating children who suffer from allergies. When interviewing your potential allergist always ask if they treat children within your child’s age group. CareOne Allergy treats allergic conditions in children aged 5 and up.

After completion of extensive training under Dr. Kevin P. Rosenbach, CareOne Allergy has recently announced Cara DeBusk, PA-C as Director of Immunotherapy with CareOne. She has 3 years of experience alongside our esteemed Medical Director Dr. Rosenbach.

Latest in Diagnostic Tools & Treatment Techniques

Your allergy and immunology team should be trained to operate the latest diagnostic tools, as well as learn about the research involving the newest therapies in the treatment of children’s allergy conditions.

CareOne Allergy of Naples, Florida is not just trained and aware of the latest research, our Medical Director Kevin Rosenbach, M.D. has extensive research in the development and clinical research of allergy and immunology protocols in use today.


A children’s allergist knows better than anyone how miserable a child who is suffering from allergies feels. When deciding on the right allergist for your child always be aware how comfortable they make your child feel. A great allergist will be able to set your child at ease and explain what is happening to them in a way they can understand.

We understand the unique needs of a family with a child experiencing allergies. You want to know that your child is safe at all times, even when you are not around. We can work with you to develop an action plan informing teachers and school employees what they should do in the event of a reaction. Read our back to school tips for children with food allergies. 

Can my child’s allergist treat their allergies?

The majority of allergy patients are tested and treated for allergic conditions by their primary care physicians. This sometimes results in uncoordinated treatment plans from physicians who are not allergy specialists, and who may not be communicating properly with each other. Patients can often be over-prescribed oral steroids in lieu of determining a treatment plan, and they may lack the diagnostic tools to provide you with your child’s exact allergic triggers.

The specialized care of allergists committed to only treating allergic, asthmatic, and immunologic issues means that your child’s allergic disease is properly diagnosed the first time, and the proper treatment plan can begin as quickly as possible.

Children’s Allergy Treatment in Naples, Florida

The allergists of CareOne Allergy are up to date on the latest diagnostic tests and treatment tools. We want to stop your child’s allergy suffering as much as you do. The CareOne Course is our proven plan to bring your child allergy relief. Our customized allergy shot process creates a unique treatment vial to your child’s allergies, and 90% of patients who Stay the Course report no further incidence of allergy issues. The CareOne team is committed to treating your child’s allergies as compassionately as possible.

If you are looking for a Children’s Allergist in Naples, Florida schedule an appointment or call today.