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July 2016 Pollen Report | CareOne Allergy Naples Florida

Pollen Levels Report Naples, Florida – July 2016

Find out which SWFL Pollen Levels are high in July

The height of tree pollen season is starting to leave us behind, but grass pollen count Naples levels are at their highest, and, and weed season is beginning to ramp up. The most common Naples, Florida grass allergies are caused by bluegrass, Bermuda, Bahia grass, and Johnson grass.

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June 2016 Pollen Report Naples Florida | CareOne Allergy Naples Florida

Pollen Report for June 2016 in Naples, Florida

Summertime pollen counts are high, especially here in Naples. Expect June to produce high pollen levels for trees, grass, and weeds. Below you will find some temporary tips for allergy relief. The CareOne Team is committed to a cure for your allergy suffering, and Staying the Course means 90% of allergy patients find relief from their symptoms, and most of them report being cured!

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