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Naples Allergy Relief with the CareOne Allergy Better Health Map | CareOne Allergy Naples Florida

CareOne unveils Better Health Map for Naples allergy relief

Our Better Health Map will aid in Naples Allergy Relief  this Summer Allergy Season

Naples’ Summer Allergy Season is upon us. If you are new to the area you may be surprised to discover that Florida allergies are affecting you more than they ever have before. During the summer the biggest allergy offenders tend to be mold, pollen, and insect stings, and Naples is no different. Heavy summer rains contribute to mold and insect growth, and the year-round sunshine means that there is always a plant in bloom. As a result, Naples Allergy Relief can be elusive.

Stay ahead of Summer Allergy Season by Staying the Course with CareOne.

Our Allergy Treatment Course begins with the latest test techniques to determine the exact cause of your allergies. We then create your specific treatment vials and begin you on the CareOne Course to Allergy Freedom. Commitment to the course means 90% of people find relief from allergy symptoms, and most report being cured.

Naples Allergy Relief - Better Health Map Phase 2

Our commitment to your allergy relief has resulted in the creation of the CareOne Better Health Map. The Better Health Map allows you to keep track of your treatment plan, understand your dosage. Work towards free gifts from Prima by Cindy, and gift cards from Naples area businesses. Stop by the office today to pick up your Better Health Map, or be sure to ask about it at your next immunotherapy treatment.

Don’t let allergies ruin your Florida Summer. Give us a call, we want to help!