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Dear Patients,

I want you all to know that our entire CareOne Allergy staff is committed to providing each patient quality pediatric, adolescent, and adult allergy, asthma and allergic skin condition care. Our goal is to provide our services in the most efficient, caring, and cost-effective manner. Our patients will receive outstanding care in a comfortable, attractive, and hygienic environment with state of the art technology and equipment in Naples, Florida. CareOne Allergy specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of allergy, asthma, sinus disease, hay fever, chronic cough, hives, skin allergies, food, drug, insect and animal hypersensitivities.

I want to thank you for choosing CareOne Allergy to be your allergy and asthma healthcare provider. We are excited about growing our practice over the past 5 years and we are striving every day to improve on our business operations in order to provide better healthcare for our patients. CareOne Healthcare Centers, LLC is owned and operated by CPY and Associates, Inc. who has over 30 years of business operations experience. In 2012, CPY and Associates, Inc. took over all management and administration for Dr. Kevin P. Rosenbach PA. On July 22, 2014 CPY and Associates, Inc. purchased Dr. Kevin P. Rosenbach PA and CarOne Clinic and has entered into a long term agreement with Dr. Kevin P. Rosenbach MD as our Medical Director.

Our referring physicians should expect responsiveness, professionalism, and reliability as we strive for the highest patient satisfaction. We appreciate your referrals and gladly accept new patients.

Cindy Yablonowski, Managing Director
CareOne Healthcare Centers LLC
CPY and Associates, Inc.


Dr. Kevin Rosenbach, M.D. has been in practice over 20 years, and is highly regarded in the field allergy, asthma and immunology. He has developed a special treatment process, and is recognized for his treatment of some of the most complex immunodeficiency diseases, distinguishing him from other specialists.

Cara DeBusk, PA-C has completed extensive training in the field of immunotherapy, and holds a Master of Medical Science degree. Her committed work ethic and compassion has resulted in her appointment to CareOne’s Director of Immunotherapy.


Every member of the CareOne Team is committed to the treatment of your allergy suffering. An extensive, methodical treatment approach is our promise to every patient. Every diagnosis and treatment plan is created through the precise study of environmental, social, and medical history factors, and conducting the proper scientific testing to pinpoint the exact cause of symptoms.

Through his extensive work with IVIG patients, Dr. Rosenbach has demonstrated his passion and commitment, treating hundreds of IVIG patients with some of the most complex diseases. Dr. Rosenbach maintains open communication to his patients and their referring physicians in order to provide them the highest possible care.


Continued care for your Naples allergy and asthma needs under CareOne will provide the best outcome for allergy patients. Once the cause of the symptom is determined, an immunotherapy treatment plan will desensitize the allergy symptoms in 90% of patients. In effect, providing long term relief instead of a temporary fix through prescribed medications.

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