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10 Benefits of Immunotherapy Treatment

We understand that you may be “on the fence” about your decision to begin the CareOne Course the Allergy relief. Below you will find 10 Benefits of Immunotherapy Treatment that we hope will make your decision to begin allergy shots easier.

10 Benefits of Immunotherapy Treatment (Allergy Shots)

No Side effects – Medications can trigger side effect, or interact with other medication. Some people prefer not to take medications at all. Allergy shots are a once a month treatment versus daily medication use.

Lower Cost – Allergy shots can end up costing less than over the counter medications overall. Immunotherapy is covered by insurance, over the counter medications are not.

Less Fatigue – Uncontrolled allergies can be directly related to daytime fatigue and energy levels.

Better Mood – The fatigue and suffering caused by allergies can directly affect your mood. Feeling better physically can also help you to feel better emotionally.

Improved Immune System – Allergies affect and strain the immune system triggering recurrent sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, and more. IT also reduces the chances of developing new allergies in the future

Reduced Asthma – Immunotherapy Treatment reduces the incidence of asthma flare ups and symptoms.

Reduction of Chronic Migraines and Headaches – Your migraines and headaches could be directly related to allergies.

Freedom from Food Allergies – Immunotherapy can be helpful for some people with oral allergy syndrome, or pollen food syndrome.

Best Cure – The majority of over the counter medications used to treat allergies only relieve symptoms. Immunotherapy Treatment gets to the source of the problem, and provides the best chance for a cure.

Live Your Life Again – Once you have your allergies under control you can get back to doing the things you love. Enjoying your pets, outdoor activities, meals outside at one of Naples many great restaurants.